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Viriditas [vuh-rid-i-tas] is a Latin word translated to "greenness" and means vitality, fecundity, lushness, verdure, and growth.  Let Viriditas Consulting help your organization grow its mission to make a lasting impact.

We exist to elevate the ideas, initiatives, projects, and programs of non-profits. We believe your work is vital to creating a better society. We also recognize the challenges funders have deciding where to invest their money. It is our goal to connect non-profits and funders in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to all.


Grant Readiness

Your organization makes a big difference in the world.  Let us help you take the next steps to blossom.  Grant readiness includes taking an assessment and creating a plan to step-up your mission-driven work.

Prospect Research

Finding prospective grants and grantmakers is difficult and time-consuming. You can save your precious resources by letting us created a list of prospects tailored to your organization and projects.

Grant Writing

Winning a grant award can launch a program or service vital to your community.  Let us take the stress out of writing a grant, so that you can continue pursuing your organization's vision.

Report Preparation

Reports are an opportunity to tell your story to a funder. A well written report can help build a relationship for future funding. We can help you tell that story.



When it comes to assessing whether your organization is ready to apply for grants, finding grant opportunities, writing grants, or reporting, Jennifer can do it all, and really well.  Our organization would not be making the impact it is today in the community without her years of grant expertise.

Dr. Tara Luckie, Executive Director, Environmental Science Center

Jennifer was a breath of fresh air! She took the time to sit down with us to develop a deep understanding of the programs we delivered and conducted the research necessary to ensure we were applying for funding that would best address the needs of the local environment and communities we serve. Jennifer is a highly experience, very talented grant writer who consistently was awarded funding for the grants she applied for.

Joanna Stodden, Program Manager, Environmental Science Center

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