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Your organization has a strong plan for making a difference in the world. 

Now how do you find the money?

Grant fit

​Grants can be a catalyst to start projects, expand to new audiences, and continue vital services.  Finding THE RIGHT grants can be time consuming and a strain on staff.  A grant is a "good fit" if it meets a few criteria:

  • Organization mission aligns to funder's priorities

  • Size of grant award vs budget

  • Reporting and financial management requirements

  • Geographical location reached by funder

  • All funder prerequisites are met

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OUR Process

Prospect Research


Your consultant searches databases to find grants and funders that support your mission.


We rank  opportunities based on the likelihood of winning the award. 


We create a report prioritizing grant opportunities and plans to pursue funding.

Resources like the Foundation Directory Online can be expensive to some organizations costing up to $200 per month, while other sites like can be challenging to navigate.  Additionally, assessing each grant’s fit to your organization is very time consuming.  That is time you could be spending on other fundraising or directly on pursuing your vision.