Every funder asks for the same information in different ways. 



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OUR Process

Grant Writing

Learning how to communicate your proposed work to funders is a learned skill.  Hiring a professional grant writer can eliminate that “learning curve” and allow you to save resources.  We are your partner to provide outside perspective on what makes your work great and feedback on what funders may see as weaknesses. 

writing tips

​Writing a grant is more than listing the phases of a project or the number of participants to be served.  Funders want to see that their investment is going to make the world a better place. Proposals should describe:

  • Community Need

  • Organizational Credibility

  • How the need will be addressed

  • Impact, Outcomes, and Evaluations

On top of that, you may be asked about goals, objectives, outputs, logic models, demographics, list of board of directors, bios on key staff members, budgets and more budgets, financial statements and audits, fundraising and sustainability plans, GIS maps, blueprints, evaluation methods and tools, letters of support, and so on.


Your consultant will create a compelling proposal that captures the unique work your organization is trying to accomplish.


We will create or reformat attachments such as program budgets or board rosters. 


If you are applying to multiple grants, we can tailor one narrative to meet multiple funders' requests - for a fraction of the cost of one application.