Grant Ready

  • Strong leadership and infrastructure

  • Clear case for support including mission statement

  • Collaborative partnerships and community support

  • Robust fundraising plan and finances

  • Well defined project goals and evaluation strategy



Before an organization can apply for a grant, they should be “grant-ready.”



What are these key elements?

OUR Process

Grant Readiness


Your organization completes a 7-part checklist on elements of readiness.


Your consultant creates a recommendation report and road map to next steps.


Everyone meets to discuss the report. Plans are made for projects to improve organization readiness.

The recommendation report is a tool that highlights problematic areas in an organization that may weaken chances for winning a grant award. 


Projects may include program budgets, board rosters, case statements, logic models, and more.  Your organization can choose to work with us on these improvements, find a new consultant, or work internally to make changes. 

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