Lessons learned, challenges faced, and successes earned.

How do you tell your story?


Grant reports are an opportunity for your organization to share how its work has made an impact.  Even if the project was not completed as originally proposed, a well-crafted report can share how failures or mistakes are improving the base of knowledge to launch more successful work in the future. Reports vary by funder, but may request:

  • Data collected

  • Completion of goals and objectives

  • Participants/Clients' success stories

  • Photos and images

  • Graphs and Charts

  • Financial reports

OUR Process

Report Preparation


Our consultants compile your stories, photos, and data to organize them for sharing with funders.


We create graphs and graphics to visually represent your results.


We write a report that highlights successes and shows growth from lessons learned.

Our consultants are masters at telling a story.  We take the time to understand what was accomplished, what obstacles your project faced, and how your organization will continue to grow from the lessons it learned.  Alleviate the stress of compiling a report by delegating it to professionals. 

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