• Jennifer Dumlao

Black Lives Matter

To my fellow white people, the system is rigged in our favor. I am a competitive person, but getting ahead in life because of my race while others live with inequities and injustices every day? I'm not into that.

There will no doubt be plenty of opinions, head nods, and questions to that statement. Good. We should be thinking deeply about this. We are all on different journeys to understanding our place in racial dynamics. I hope you are here because you want to learn more.

I certainly don't have the answers. Just a few links to resources I have seen. Check them out and then expand from there. Pay attention to WHO is conveying information to you. Are you listening to black voices, including groups within the black community who are further oppressed - women, LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, people with mental and chronic health issues, immigrants and English language learners, those who are incarcerated, and more?

A life-long journey starts with one step. What can you learn or do today to start dismantling white supremacy? I am learning, too, so if there is something in this post that is doing more harm than good (to black folx), please let me know:

Edited to include more resources


Black Owned DEI Companies + Consultants Currently Accepting New Corporate Clients

Anti-racism resources - comprehensive list with books, podcasts, articles, social media followings, videos, and films

How to talk to kids about racism - Parent Toolkit

Hollaback! - Bystander Intervention Training

Racial Trauma and Self-Care in Tragedy


Consider 1) what is needed immediately and where, 2) what organizations have Black leaders, 3) what organizations are advocating for social justice

Community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organizers

Black-led Arts and Heritage Organizations in Washington State

Racial justice resources (Seattle and national)

Support black businesses

Black Wall Street

The Black Wallet

We Buy Black

Seattle/Tacoma area

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